The Ceph data show

Storage is an inextricable component of every data processing environment. Object storage allows in-situ analysis to use various query engines.

In this lab, we'll discuss why object storage for big data workloads is an emerging phenomenon and how it provides a degree of flexibility not possible with traditional approaches. We'll explain how to architect object storage into a data platform, including several popular query engines: Hive, SparkSQL, and Presto.

In the hands-on segment of the lab, attendees will learn how to configure various query engines to communicate with an object store using the S3A filesystem client. To demonstrate how public cloud methods can extend to the private cloud, we'll review how to deploy a Ceph-based object store and configure it as an S3A endpoint.

  • Date:Tuesday, May 8
  • Time:10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Room:155
  • Location:Moscone South - 155
  • Session Type:Instructor-led lab
  • Session Code:L1113
  • Session Includes:Demo
  • Primary solution:Cloud computing
  • Topic(s):Data and analytics, Infrastructure modernization and optimization
  • Best for people who:Manage and analyze data, Design application/system architectures
  • Products and Services:Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Technical difficulty:Working knowledge required
  • Time slot:Morning
Kyle Bader
Red Hat, Inc.
Karan Singh
Red Hat