Optimize Ceph object storage for production in multisite clouds

Today, more than 60% of data storage involves unstructured data—including images, video, audio, and other types of data. The Ceph object gateway provides an object storage solution with S3 and Swift APIs that is ideal for storing unstructured data in multisite and hybrid cloud storage scenarios, scaling up to petabytes and beyond.

In this session, you'll learn how to size a Ceph object gateway cluster, identify performance requirements, identify suitable hardware, and configure storage policies with varying performance characteristics. Other topics include erasure coding, compression, bucket index sharding, and integration with OpenStack. We'll also discuss failover and recovery, multisite deployment capability, and emerging hybrid cloud storage scenarios.

  • Date:Wednesday, May 9
  • Time:3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
  • Room:2020
  • Location:Moscone West - 2020
  • Session Type:Breakout
  • Session Code:S1447
  • Session Includes:None of the above
  • Technical difficulty:Deep dive
  • Primary solution:Storage
  • Best for people who:Manage infrastructure, Make final decisions about IT purchases/vendors
  • Industry:
  • Products and Services:Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Topic(s):Hybrid cloud infrastructure, Software-defined storage
  • Time slot:Afternoon
Michael Hackett
Red Hat
John Wilkins
Red Hat