Ceph BlueStore performance on latest Intel Server Platforms

With the rise of new storage and advanced processor technologies, there is a need to understand the performance benefits they can bring to cloud storage. The increasing popularity of Red Hat Ceph Storage as a storage backend for I/O intensive and low-latency workloads has provided technologies such as 3D XPoint, 3D-NAND TLC, and RDMA an entry point into software-defined, server-based storage.

In this session, we will present a few configuration options for high-performance Ceph Storage, and highlight related trade-offs. We’ll use supporting data from our experiments on a Ceph Storage Luminous cluster that employs the latest-generation Intel Skylake CPUs and non-volatile media.

  • Date:Thursday, May 10
  • Time:3:00 PM - 3:20 PM
  • Room:2010
  • Location:Moscone West - 2010
  • Session Type:Mini Session
  • Session Code:M1205
  • Best for people who:Manage and analyze data, Design application/system architectures
  • Topic(s):Infrastructure modernization and optimization, Software-defined storage
  • Primary solution:Storage
  • Session Includes:None of the above
  • Products and Services:Community project(s), Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Industry:
  • Technical difficulty:Working knowledge required
  • Time slot:Afternoon
Orlando Moreno
Intel Corporation