A practical introduction to container security (3rd ed.)

Linux containers provide convenient application packing and runtime isolation in multitenant environments. However, the security implications of running containerized applications is often taken for granted. For example, today it is very easy to pull container images from the internet and run them in the enterprise without examining their content and authenticity.

In this lab, you'll complete a series of low-level, hands-on exercises aimed at understanding the concepts, challenges, and best practices associated with deploying containers in a secure fashion. Topics include registry configuration, SELinux, capabilities, and SECCOMP profiles, along with image inspection, scanning, and signing. This third edition may be based on CRI-O, depending on Red Hat Enterprise Linux feature release time frames.

  • Date:Wednesday, May 9
  • Time:4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Room:156
  • Location:Moscone South - 156
  • Session Type:Instructor-led lab
  • Session Code:L1007
  • Technical difficulty:Working knowledge required
  • Products and Services:Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Industry:Healthcare and life sciences
  • Best for people who:Manage infrastructure, Design application/system architectures
  • Topic(s):Application delivery, Application platforms, Security
  • Session Includes:Demo
  • Primary solution:Linux platforms
  • Time slot:Afternoon
Bob Kozdemba
Red Hat, Inc.
Daniel Walsh
Red Hat
Mrunal Patel
Red Hat, Inc.